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With Hotel Palace you earn 15% of the value invested on your next stay

With the Hospitality Bonds of Hotel Palace, invest today and get 15% of the value invested immediately!

Buy a Hospitality Bond now and get 15% credit to use for your next stays in our hotel in the heart of Battipaglia.

The Hospitality Bond of Hotel Palace is valid for one year and can be spent to make reservations and/or purchase other services at the hotel.

How does it work? Request your Hospitality Bond now by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and you will have one year to use it: you'll just have to book and it's done!

Invest in Hospitality Bond and get ready to leave with Hotel Palace!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Hospitality Bond has a value equal to 15% more than its purchase price (cost € 50: value € 58, cost € 100: value € 115, cost € 200: value € 230)
  • The Hospitality Bond is a voucher and can be used to pay for your stay and/or any service offered by the hotel
  • The Hospitality Bond must be presented at the hotel check-in to pay, totally or partially, the stay and/or other services. The total amount will be deducted from the value loaded on the Hospitality Bond
  • The Hospitality Bond cannot be used as a guarantee for reservations
  • Hospitality Bonds can be combined with each other to pay for the same stay and/or service
  • The Hospitality Bond can be used from the moment of validation and is valid for one year from the validation date

The Hospitality Bond of Hotel Palace is certified according to the law by the accredited conservative company AGID Savino Solution srl.
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€ 50

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