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Hotel Palace in Battipaglia, a small town in the province of Salerno, offers extremely competitive prices and great value for money; it is conveniently located near the A3 motorway for Reggio Calabria making it extremely easy to reach both Calabria and Sicily.

From a tourist point of view, the position of our hotel is ideal for beach holidays, because the Amalfi and Cilento coasts, the city of Salerno with its beautiful gardens and the amazing Temples of Paestum are all nearby.

Hotel Palace is just 800 metres form the Salerno-Reggio Calabria A3 motorway and 400 metres from Battipaglia train station.

Three generations of hoteliers

When it was first opened by the Vitozzi family, Hotel Palace was the only hotel in the entire Battipaglia area.
Today, 40 years later, the Vitozzi family is still proudly at the wheel and manages directly the only hotel in the centre of town with four decades of experience in the hospitality sector. The last renovation work, carried out in 2012, is a sign of its owners’ commitment to keep up to date with the sector’s trends and their strive for continuous improvement.

Hotel Palce in Battipaglia brings together modern hotel facilities and the traditional and inimitable hospitality typical of the people from the south of Italy.


The symbol of warmth and hospitality that defined and characterised old homes has always been a feature in the hall of our hotel: the fire burning in the fireplace will keep you company while you enjoy a drink or wait for your opponent’s next move during a classic game of chess.



  • You are guaranteed the best available price;

  • Upgrade guaranteed: if when you check in there is a room available in a superior category, you will be offered an upgrade at no additional cost;


  • Direct booking with no commissions;

  • Garage: availability is limited and guests who book on our site have priority.