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Our Charter of Values

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La nostra Carta dei Valori

For over 40 years, Hotel Palace has meant quality hospitality in the Piana del Sele, the ideal base for those traveling on business or leisure and want to live the unique experience of the archaeological, monumental and landscape treasures of a magical land like Campania.

The location, convenient and well connected to motorways and public transport, is enhanced by a welcoming style made of passion and dedication, which consider the customer as a welcome guest rather than as a simple hotel customer.

We have identified a number of values that we believe are fundamental to highlight our daily commitment to establishing a relationship of trust with our Guests.

We have collected them in a Charter of Values which contains the founding elements of our business and our vision on the hospitality sector, also following the Coronavirus emergency.




The Charter of Values of Hotel Palace



Between us and those who choose us for their stay there is a relationship that goes beyond the banal commercial transaction in exchange for a service. It is a relationship based on respect and trust. Respect for the specific needs of each client, his privacy, his time, his personal way of experiencing the ever new emotion of traveling.
The trust in the seriousness and reliability that distinguishes us in fully satisfying the expectations of each guest, in the promise always kept to guarantee the highest possible standards at the most affordable price, in the availability to meet any need of our customers.
The fact that our structure has been founded and managed by the same family for all these years is an added value and a guarantee of reliability, since we "put our face on it" every day for 40 years.



The safety of guests and hotel employees is a top priority for us. All rooms, bathrooms and other rooms of Hotel Palace are sanitized and sanitized regularly with professional products, in compliance with current regulations and international standards.
In emergency situations that involve the adoption of procedures aimed at reducing possible infections, the buffet breakfast is replaced with breakfast in the room and a rate is applied that does not include breakfast. The spacing of the tables in the restaurant room, the activation of the dinner delivery in the room or support to external companies with delivery in the room, also fall within the same perspective.
Even before the Coronavirus emergency, the structure provided for the installation of an automatic disinfectant gel dispenser, available to guests upon their arrival and during their stay.



Our booking procedure is transparent and offers certain guarantees. Compliance with the booking made, priority with respect to subsequent bookings, congruity of the supply of services with respect to what has been agreed is guaranteed.

The prices are clearly indicated on our website and it is possible to book online. The return of vouchers, advances and refund of the ticket is foreseen in case of cancellation and non-stay due to difficulties or changes in the program.



Our attitude to look ahead and to constantly interpret the signals of the market and the time in which we live has led us, over the years, to develop a strong spirit of adaptation and flexibility. It is thanks to this flexibility that today we choose to adapt our tariff policy to the needs of our customers: we want to free them from the weight of restricted reservations by eliminating prepaid and non-refundable rates and giving the possibility to modify or cancel reservations.

This same flexibility has also prompted us to implement new sanitization practices for rooms and common areas and new ways of managing the reception, breakfast service and restaurant, to further guarantee the safety of our guests.



Hotel Palace puts labor rights at the top of its priorities, respect for collaborators by the owners and management, both in terms of the regularity of contracts and working methods and for all the individual well-being policies of each worker.

In the selection and in the relationship with the staff, we have close to our heart the shared principles of equity, diversity, interconnection with society, quality of life, management democracy, maturity of interpersonal relationships, which we strive to observe to make Hotel Palace a structure accommodation capable of contributing to the well-being of the host community.

Aware of the value of training as an element of development, competitiveness and attractiveness not only of a single structure but of the welcome of a territory, we are committed to providing our staff members with the opportunity to constantly update and perfect their specific professional skills to the hotel sector. The improvement of our offer is proportional to the human and professional growth of the collaborators.



Hotel Palace can count on the support of a staff of collaborators selected for their competence and professionalism, who know how to give their best every day in making your trip a memorable experience. This is how our staff manages to have the right team spirit, based on respect and sharing personal values, which allows our hotel to offer quality service in this beautiful part of Campania.



Hotel Palace has a relationship of mutual trust with its suppliers built over decades of collaboration. For us, suppliers are not a mere source of goods and equipment but real strategic partners, the basis of the success of our structure. For this reason, we are always punctual in paying for supplies, especially in times of crisis or emergency, when it is important that companies behave responsibly and keep their commitments, to allow the whole economy to continue operating.


Being able to count on trusted partners, we are able to make you find comfortable and ideally equipped rooms for a pleasant stay in which nothing is missing. Our restaurant is supplied daily with high quality raw materials, used by expert cooks, inspired by the local tradition declined according to the new gastronomic trends.



Hotel Palace is committed to enhancing the area with its choices in terms of products and services. The raw materials used in the restaurant are products selected from the region's gastronomic excellences, for furniture and equipment supplies we prefer local companies.

We are available with our organization to give those who stay with us the opportunity to fully and safely experience the cultural, archaeological, monumental, landscape, commercial and leisure offerings of the area.

We are committed to promoting the development of the local economy because we trust in collaboration, reciprocity and the common goal of revamping our Country as soon as possible.