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Sicurezza degli Ospiti

Safety, attention and professionalism for your stay in Battipaglia

Hotel Palace is the ideal choice for those looking for a hotel in the heart of Battipaglia which, in addition to guaranteeing comfort, quality and a wide range of services, puts the safety of its guests among the priorities.


In fact, in addition to the care and attention with which Hotel Palace has always managed its business, in accordance with international standards, we have decided to adopt further procedures to guarantee our guests a peaceful and safe stay, even in the event of particular emergency situations.

Our procedures to guarantee maximum safety:

  • Daily sanitization of rooms and disinfection (of surfaces, furnishings, objects and fabrics) at each change of guest 
  • Daily sanitization and disinfection of the hotel's public areas
  • Periodic sanitization and disinfection of air conditioning appliances, in the rooms and in all public areas of the hotel
  • Sanitization and disinfection of the TV remote control, which the guest will find closed inside a disposable bag
  • Daily sanitization and disinfection of light switches in rooms
  • Sanitization and disinfection of room keys, which the guest will receive closed inside a disposable bag
  • The hotel staff is equipped with all personal protective equipments (gloves, masks, shoe covers)
  • The reception desk is equipped with a plexiglass screen and thermoscanner for detecting the temperature of Guests, employees and suppliers
  • Upon check-in guests will receive a pack of sanitizing wipes and upon check-out a sample bottle of sanitizing gel
  • Disposable slippers in each room upon arrival, to be used to minimize external contamination through shoes
  • Daily sanitization and disinfection of the lift pushbutton panel and invitation to the use of paper towels, available to guests at the reception desk, to operate the lift
  • Use of top quality products for sanitization and disinfection
  • Presence of a sanitizing gel dispenser in the hall, next to the reception, in the breakfast room and in the restaurant available to guests
  • Temporary suspension of the breakfast buffet, replaced by a convenient breakfast service with à la carte menu and the morning presence of the Chef, with the possibility of requesting breakfast in the room
  • Adoption of the safety distance between the tables of the hotel restaurant, with the possibility of requesting room service
  • Ozone sanitization: the Ministry of Health with protocol no. 24482 of 31 July 1996 recognizes ozone as a natural safeguard for the sanitization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens. That's why the hotel has been cpmpletely sanitized with ozone at the beginning of phase 2 and it will be possible to request the room sanitization service before your arrival, with the payment of a supplement.



Hotel Palace strives daily to meet the needs of its guests and to ensure that they live their stay in Battipaglia in the name of comfort, safety and, therefore, serenity.

For this reason, we also decided to put this commitment down in black and white, gathering the principles that guide Hotel Palace in a Charter of Values.



Our Charter of Values