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Hotel Palace: an ancient story

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A century-long tradition: the origins of Hotel Palace


The history of Hotel Palace, today a modern and comfortable hotel in the heart of Battipaglia, has its roots in the last century and is deeply linked to the territory and tradition.


Thanks to the discovery of some interesting paper documents and some photographs, the Vittozzi family, which have been managing the hotel with passion and professionalism for 40 years, has managed to trace the origins of this business.


Around 1920, near the Battipaglia level crossing, stood probably one of the first mozzarella shops in the area, perhaps also a tavern, owned by Mr. Francesco Treglia.
Raffaele Vittozzi, grandfather of the current owners of the Hotel Palace, bought this business from Mr. Treglia which later became the Albergo Trattoria Treglia.


From that moment on, the Albergo Trattoria Treglia became one of the landmarks of Battipaglia and over the years saw a piece of the history of our country pass: in the 1930s it also hosted the Prince of Savoy-Aosta on one occasion.


The Hotel Palace today stands in a different position from this first , but the memory of its origins remains in the name of the Hotel's restaurant, the popular Ristorante Treglia.


Almost a century later, Hotel Palace remains a reference point for hospitality and the restaurant industry in Battipaglia, managed, still today, with passion, care and professionalism by the Vittozzi family.



Curiosity: the true origin of the name “Treglia” is a recent discovery. Before this discovery, it was thought that it derived from the word "mullet" (called "treglia" in Campania), a hypothesis that seemed to be confirmed also by the presence, inside the hotel, of an antique piece of furniture on which it was depicted, in fact, a mullet.