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Amalfi Coast

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A Paradise that will leave you breathless!


The Amalfi Coast, which takes its name from the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi, thanks to the wonders of its landscapes and its sea and by virtue of the rare characteristics of the its fauna and its morphological structure, is considered one of the most beautiful sea coasts in the world and is, therefore, UNESCO World Heritage.


Staying at the Hotel Palace it is easy to organize a trip to discover the wonders of this fantastic coast. Simply contact the Reception, which will offer you all the useful information and suggestions to undertake a wonderful and evocative itinerary that will lead you to discover the natural and scenic beauties of the Amalfi Coast.


Vietri sul Mare

The gateway to the Divine Coast is Vietri sul Mare, one of the most visited villages on the Amalfi Coast, and the undisputed capital of artistic ceramics. Vietri sul Mare is dominated by the 16th century Dome of the Church of San Giovanni Battista, lined with hundreds of majolica in the shape of a fish in three colours: yellow, green and blue. The effect is simply spectacular, neither from the ground nor from the sea it goes unnoticed. It is now the very symbol of Vietri sul Mare. The Vietri sul Mare ceramic is dedicated to the Vietri Ceramics Museum, housed in the Villa Guariglia a Raito complex.



Between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno the coast is formed by rugged cliffs: the Lattari Mountains, an extreme offshoot of the Campania Apennines, end here overhanging on the sea, so much so that the vegetation goes up a few meters from the water. In this fascinating landscape, nestled between sky and sea, lies Amalfi, a city that, for at least two centuries in the Middle Ages, was one of the most important commercial centres in the Mediterranean. Absolutely to visit is the very famous Cathedral of Amalfi and the Cloister of Paradise. The Valle dei Mulini and the Paper Museum are worth a visit outside the city. Amalfi, as well as the whole coastal area, is famous for the cultivation of lemons spread since the 1600s, from which the delicious limoncello is obtained, a liqueur made from the famous variety "Sfusato Amalfitano". You should also try the traditional Scialatielli: strips of handmade pasta cooked and seasoned with fresh tomato sauce and seafood.

By car: distance 51.5 km; time about 1 hour - By sea: from Salerno, 35 min.



Pearl of the Amalfi Coast situated in an enchanting basin kissed by the sea and protected by the Lattari Mountains, Positano offers its guests various possibilities on how to spend their time. From walks in the mountains along the Path of the Gods, to a fantastic boat trip, you will be satisfied in all your desires welcomed by a magical atmosphere. Typical of the many "stairways" that from the top of the village reach down to the beach. Only 5 miles away is the enchanting Emerald Grotto.

How to get there: driving distance 70 km; time about 1.23 hours - By sea from Salerno 70 min.



Built in the 6th century, around the year 1000 it was populated by a group of nobles of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, who rebelled against the authority of the doge. Villa Rufolo, from which one is fascinated by a fantastic panorama, presents inside various Arab-Sicilian style buildings surrounded by a splendid terrace full of vegetation. Villa Cimbrone, on the other hand, includes a building with two towers and a courtyard, there is also a fantastic and vast flower garden full of beds of roses, camellias, hydrangeas, begonias and adorned with exotic plants. The Ravello Cathedral is certainly the most important monument of the city. The Coral Museum preserves works of art of great importance.
How to get there: driving distance 56 km; time around 1,10 hours.