Cilento, land of myths, enchanted landscapes and ancient flavors

Cilento Coast

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Salerno e Dintorni | Itinerari Hotel Palace Battipaglia

Cilento is a treasure to be discovered.

The Hotel Palace in Battipaglia is a perfect starting point for visiting Cilento. Just go to the train station which is 5 minutes from the hotel. The nearest beaches are those of Agropoli which are about 20 minutes away while the farthest, that of Palinuro, is 55 minutes away. To book a train our ticket office is active at the reception.

The Cilento Coast will welcome you on its sandy beaches and you will forever carry within you the beauty of its clear sea, of the surrounding nature and the delights of its cuisine. Cilento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 . From the characteristic village of Agropoli, passing Santa Maria di Castellabate, Ascea, Pioppi, Acciaroli, without forgetting the splendid Punta Licosa, one of the first marine parks in Italy, a destination for underwater hikers and all lovers of uncontaminated nature. Until you get to Palinuro, the most fashionable and famous seaside resort of Cilento, which is characterized by beautiful beaches and a coast rich in ravines and sea caves. A special mention deserves the Cilentan hinterland, in particular the vast area of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, an ideal place for lovers of outdoor walks and of trekking.


The municipality of Agropoli lies on a promontory, almost close to the Cilento hills, up to the sea. The promontory on which it stands also owes its name, deriving from Acropolis, which means, precisely, "upper town". In this place houses and streets follow the sinuous course of the coast closing in the most ancient part in the suggestive medieval village, on which dominates the Castle of San Felice.


Municipality of about 2,500 inhabitants on the Cilento coast halfway between Castellabate and Casal Velino, mainly dedicated to beach tourism in the hamlets of Pioppi and Acciaroli. He received the five sails of Legambiente and the Blue Flag from the Fee for the quality of the sea and the wonder of the landscape, making it one of the first of the 277 best Italian seaside resorts.


The archaeological area of Velia refers to the city of Magna Graecia founded in 540 BC by the Greeks of Focèa with the name of Yele, who later became Elea. The most famous and representative monument is the magnificent Porta Rosa.

The Caves of Pertosa

The Pertosa Caves are a complex of karst cavities of tourist importance, located in the municipality of Pertosa. The karst complex develops in the basement of the neighboring municipalities of Auletta and Polla, at 263m s.l.m., along the left bank of the Tanagro river. For about seven years the Pertosa-Auletta caves have hosted a show called " Dante's Inferno in the Caves ". There are no papier-mâché backdrops and backdrops, but a prehistoric scenario that counts 35 million years. A play of lights and sounds and a series of video installations of contemporary art enrich the show that winds for about a kilometer and involves over 30 actors and dancers, characterized by a succession of large cavities. It is the spectators who move within the scene and meet the characters.