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Prodotti tipici Battipaglia | Attività Hotel Palace | Battipaglia

We are in Battipaglia, home of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.O.P.

It would be enough to mention it to entice anyone to take a break during a trip and maybe stay for a few days at the Hotel Palace, where you can order it if you want to take it home on the day of departure.

Our staff is at your disposal to organize free guided tours, tasting excluded, at the cheese factories in the area. A unique opportunity to admire the buffaloes, feel the smells and the noises that are integrated with the modernity of the stables and watch the production process appreciating the wisdom of craftsmanship. You will be able to see the master cheese makers at work and discover all the secrets of a certified product unique in the world .

After the visit to the dairy we suggest a stop, a few kilometres away, at Agrado Birrificio, where you can admire the production process of craft beer and increase the knowledge of a drink that, although in Italy it is much loved and consumed, it is not properly exploited.

Guided tours are recommended to everyone, adults and children, to all the curious, to those who have always wondered what lies behind such good products.

Reservations are required for both visits.